Točka za prijavo sovražnega govora in posnetkov spolnih zlorab otrok na internetu


Spletno oko hotline is a member of the international organization INHOPE, which was founded in 1999 within the European Commission’s Safer Internet program, by nine hotlines. Over time it expanded beyond Europe into a global network, currently consisting of 47 hotlines in 42 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America, Australia, and the Middle East.

In an effort to achieve an effective response to illegal content online, especially via combating online Child Sexual Abuse Material, INHOPE enables hotlines from different parts of the world to be connected and provides them with its expertise in handling the reports. Hotlines within INHOPE provide the public with a way to anonymously report CSAM. Reports are reviewed by content analysts who classify the illegality of the material, which is shared with national Law Enforcement Agencies and a notice and takedown order is sent to the relevant Hosting Provider.


Following the vision of a world free of Child Sexual Abuse Material, INHOPE is pursuing five main objectives:

  • Raise awareness: informing the public of what to report and where, achieving better co-operation of hotlines with policy makers, educating policy makers,
  • Grow partnerships of different organisations (government agencies, civil society, industry, private sector …),
  • Expand the global network of INHOPE hotlines around the world with supporting new hotlines, providing consultation and training,
  • Exchange expertise between hotlines with encouraging good relationships and trust,
  • Assuring the quality of the response to illegal content reports around the world with consistent, effective and secure mechanisms for exchanging reports between hotlines.
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