Hate speech

Hate speech is the expression of opinions and ideas that are discriminatory (xenophobic, racist, homophobic, etc.) and directed against various minorities (ethnic, national, religious, cultural, sexual, etc.). Spletno oko deals with hate speech as defined in Article 297 of the Slovenian Penal Code. According to Penal Code, hate speech is defined as a public incitement to hatred, violence and intolerance towards certain social groups in a way that may lead to an immediate threat, insult or harassment. Due to the high criteria required to prosecute hate speech in Slovenia, there are few cases that are recognized as criminal offenses. However, year after year we are increasingly confronted with the problem of all other forms of intolerance. Although these forms of intolerance are not punishable by law, they can still cause harm. Most intolerant expressions are mainly found in the comments under online news and in various online forums.